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The undercoat is soft and dense and requires daily brushing; they shed excess hair year round.

Newfoundland colors are black, black with white, and brown with white splashes on the chest and tail tip.

The female is slightly smaller at 26 inches tall and 100 to 120 pounds (45 to 54 kilograms).

The outer coat is coarse and flat and has an oily, water-resistant quality that is perfectly suited to the dog's strong desire to be in the water.

Newfoundlands are friendly dogs who love to keep you company.

A lean Newfoundland is definitely healthier than one with extra weight.

Newfoundlands have a broad, massive head with small ears that lie close to the head.

Their feet are wide with webbing between the toes for swimming.

The male is 28 inches tall and weighs from 130 to 150 pounds (59 to 68 kilograms).

brown, gray Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate AKC Classification: Working UKC Classification: Guardian Dog Prevalence: Common The Newfoundland is a large, heavy-coated dog.

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