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All seems lost, until Mickey goes against the magician's wishes, and throws on the sorcerer's hat, cleaning up the mess, and has the crowd chanting for more. The wizard is none to pleased, and after leafing through his spell book, hits on a fitting punishment: he'll make Mickey unrecognizable to others, until Mickey can find his 'own magic.' Mickey is then returned to the normal realm, but no one recognizes him anymore.

And so begins his journey, as he treks his way through several sitcom locales, such as the ' Family ties' family, and even winds up in the ' Cheers' bar, where he talks up conversation with Sam Malone and the crew.

But those born in 1884 couldn't celebrate on their 4th birthday when they turned 16. Leap Day babies born in 1984 were able to celebrate turning [email protected] in Leap Year 2000 because it is divisible by 400 and therefore a Leap Year.

But this special birthday can not be celebrated on the date that Leap Day babies were born on because when we turn 13, it's not a Leap Year. Another way to tell if it's a Leap Year or not is by what day of the week the year starts and ends on.

Mickey steals a magic hat from a Sorcerer and is put under a spell by the angry magi so that no one will recognize him until he finds his own magic within.

While Mickey is on his quest, network news teams around the country desperately try to find the famous, beloved mouse who has mysteriously disappeared.

He almost signed a two-year professional soccer ranks with Preston North End F. The Wanted's single "Heart Vacancy" reached the #2 spot on the U.

Astrology From the earliest ages of the world’s history the subject of Astrology has excited the interest of, and exercised a great influence over, the minds of a certain order of thinking men.

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