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The Runaway Bride star, however, is doing her best to present a brave face to the world, insisting their marriage remains strong.

Having Moder with her on the set while filming emotional scenes in Secret In Their Eyes last year was a huge help, she claims.

Now sources claim that she is shedding real tears over the state of her marriage.

“They have been desperately trying to make it work but Danny has reached breaking point,” a source told Star magazine.

Her Malibu estate atop an oceanfront bluff with views across the Pacific is the jewel in the crown of her extensive holdings.

She also owns three £5million apartments opposite Gramercy Park (New York’s only private park) as well as a sprawling £4million ranch in New Mexico and two £10million ocean-front estates in Hawaii.

As she filmed emotional scenes, crying in the arms of co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Moder stood just feet away.

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Her first marriage, to country singer Lyell Lovett, ended in 1995 after 21 months.“I am a genuinely and deeply happy person,” she says.“As life goes on you realise what great fortune that is.Adding to tensions, Roberts has reportedly been crying on the shoulder of former fiancé Kiefer Sutherland, who she abandoned on the eve of their 1991 wedding, running off with his friend, actor Jason Patric.“He is helping her forget her marriage troubles,” according to a friend.Last spring Roberts and Moder agreed to make a movie together, Secret In Their Eyes, with her in front of the camera and him behind it.

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