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USP: Super-connected socialite roots – brought up in the US, her mother was an American socialite descended from famous social activist Endicott Peabody.Her British MP dad threatened to sue if her first-ever photos (by legendary photographer Diane Arbus) were published. Jean Shrimpton (AKA ‘The Shrimp’) Era: 1960s From: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Her look: Delicate, snub-nosed perfection USP: Yet another David Bailey conquest, she started her affair with him when he was still married to his first wife, who he divorced to be with Shrimpton.

After being scouted by Models 1 age 14 she became a huge influence on changing beauty ideals and went on to grace the covers of Elle, i-D, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, as well as appearing in editorials for Vogue.Christie Brinkley Era: 1970s and 1980s From: Michigan, USA Her look: Cookie-cutter California Girl personified (she was brought up in LA) – toned and tanned with a perma-grin USP: She had the longest-running beauty contract of any model, ever – 25 years as the face of Cover Girl. Cindy Crawford Era: 1980s and 1990s From: Illinois, USA Her look: Big hair, strong brows, athletic body. She wanted to be a musician and has run her own fashion boutiques (including Butik in New York) and clothing lines.Along with 500 magazine covers, including 3 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimwear issue covers – quite the coup in the 1980s. A successful photographer, she was the launch creative director of Nylon magazine, and has held exhibitions of her work 13.Her look: Brazilian bombshell who brought the sexy back.Sunkissed hair, sunkissed limbs, and a special Zoolander-tastic stride known as the ‘horse walk’ – knees up, feet kicking out in front.

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