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When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting No, it has been exactly the same for decades, the only change has been the size of jet engines (producing bigger contrails), engine technology (burning fuel more efficiently in high bypass jet engines creates cooler exhaust which is more likely to condense before it mixes with the surrounding air) and the amount of air traffic (producing more contrails).Spreading contrails have been mentioned consistently through the history of aviation, including in the popular press. “The haze is caused by aircraft contrails that have gotten spread out till they cover the sky.It's best to go in the dry season, since many of the steep roads and trek paths can become unnavigable with flooding.Expert tip: Make sure you build your mountain legs and work on your cardio.Located just minutes away from downtown (they offer a complimentary car service), the luxurious yet rustic resort offers easy access to the best that Park City has to offer while hooking you up with the coolest excursions—mountain biking, fly-fishing, true ski-in/ski-out access, hot air ballooning, and more.Best time to go: Park City is an adventure-friendly destination 365 days a year.If you're looking for the best deal, though, book your trip during summer.

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Below is the entire top of the page of that newspaper, in case you want to look it up.

And from the book “Flight To Arras” by Antoine de Saint Exupery, written in 1942 about a military mission in 1940: The German on the ground knows us by the pearly white scarf which every plane flying at high altitude trails behind like a bridal veil.

Like Sports Illustrated , Nov 6th 1989: https://web.archive.org/web/20100521104422/ late in the afternoon, the hatchery explored and the fishing over for the day, Crooks points to the sky. This is a major air route from the East Coast to the West.”Contrail development and spreading begins in the morning hours with the start of heavy jet traffic and may extend from horizon to horizon as the air traffic peaks. 1 is a typical example of midmorning contrails that occured on 17 December 1969 northwest of Boulder.

By midafternoon, sky conditions had developed into those shown in Fig.

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