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Some bands are filled with floral motifs, but others show variations on the parang or knife pattern, well known in Central Java. Akibatnya, budaya produksi kain sarita dengan teknik batik tulis/ lukis menjadi punah.

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No one knows when or where people first began ornamenting textiles by using wax to resist the penetration of dyes.

A sarong made in the 1920s is decorated with peacocks (fig. The designs are dyed in green, light blue, and red against a white background.

One bird stands under dangling wisteria blossoms, while the other perches upon the plant’s woody vine.

One remarkable textile in the Vinson collection seems to confirm Heringa’s theories about the early roots of north coast batik.

It is a large hand woven cotton cloth, patterned with wax resist, dyed with indigo, and embellished with gold (fig. Carbon dating reveals a date of approximately 1675-1750, making it one of the earliest surviving examples of Indonesian batik.

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